stefan van meirhaeghe

stefan van meirhaeghe

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Hello, I am Stefan and here you can read a little bit about my background. I grew up in Africa, became a medical doctor, went to business school and found out that the freedom and excitement of the corporate and startup world were my cup of tea for a while.

Much more important has been my first meditation retreat in the Himalayas when I was about 15yo. A whole new world literally opened inside of me, questioning my beliefs and concepts of who or what I really am. 

A couple of years ago I returned to the Himalayas and spent time in silence in different monasteries, first studying the fabric of our personality, but more and more my meditations led me to deepening my sensitivity for and intuitive knowing of the inner reality of life, understanding aspects of consciousness itself, the heart of our being, our sense of "I" and finally contemplating on what that really encompasses, what that "I" truly refers to.

The journey of self-inquiry intensified, relentlessly pondering on the question "who am I?" and "what is life and what is it about?". It first led me to question and study what could explain my daily psychological behavior with which one is strongly identified at first. After a while, one asks oneself who is conscious of this personality, this behavior? To whom am I talking when I think? What are the implications of the fact that I cannot decide myself to be conscious or not? Meditation led to some ground shaking understandings of our true nature. The only questions which then remain are "why am I here?" and "what should I do in life to experience continuous happiness and love?". What is my role if there is one?

These years of self-inquiry brought me closer to myself, to happiness and love for human kind and I continue to deepen these experiences and grow my understanding of the fabric of our shared existence, pure consciousness.

I now enjoy to share my experience through esoteric courses, meditation and individual spiritual guidance.